MR Rotary Mixers - Machine

STATOMIX MR series plastic disposable mixers are designed for use with meter, mix and dispense equipment. The MR mixer provides an inexpensive solution for the dynamic mixing of low viscosity, 2-component adhesives. In dynamic mixing, unlike that of motionless mixing, the elements within the mixer rotate. This makes the MR series ideally suited for hard-to-mix foams and urethane elastomers. Its low cost allows the entire mixer to be discarded, eliminating costly cleaning procedures associated with dynamic mixing STATOMIX MR series mixers are designed with a modifiable stepped end which allows for increased outlet diameters.


靜態混合管是應用先進的科學原理同精密的生產技術所製造, 使混合同攪拌二液性材料的工序能夠自動化, 連續化. 擺脫傳統作業方式同解決以往因人手作業所遇到的困難及產品質量問題, 節省工作時間, 提高產品質量. 靜態混合管的攪拌葉片完全根據流體力學設計, 攪拌葉片與外管結構緊湊. 選擇不同的攪拌葉片節數, 可使混合同攪拌達到最佳的效果. 靜態攪拌器末端有多種型式設計, 例如: 依所需的流量截取所需的出膠口徑, 裝上轉換頭, 可轉接各種口徑針咀以配合小膠量之要求或軟管. MR-綠色 (接口直徑: 16.70 mm O) 請注意: 混合管應用在高粘度的二液性材料時, 為防止因壓力而膨脹所形成攪拌葉片與外管之間隙. 需使金屬保護套筒, 確保混合效果同攪拌質量.

Technical Data
Outer Housing Polypropylene Elements Green Polyacetal
Retaining Method Bell mouth style (i.d 16.7mm) for Retaining Nut with 7/8" - 9 thread
Part No. Inner Dia. I.D. (mm) Number of Elements Outer Dia. O.D. (mm) Length L (mm) Nozzle Dia. A (mm) Approx. Content Vol (ml)
MR 06-12 6.4 12 10 111 1.8 n/a
MR 08-12 8 12 12 130 2.4 n/a
MR 10-12 10 12 14 155 3 n/a
MR 13-12 13 12 17 197 4 n/a